Why Stress Pushes You to Eat More Food?

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In order to understand the link between food intake or eating more food and increasing stress, it is important to observe the characteristics of hormones. The hormones that make it possible to develop or increase stress or anxiety are cortisol or the hormone adrenaline.

Let’s find the characteristics of the main hormone:

Cortisol hormone: Whenever a person is too stressed, it is obvious that people will mainly suffer from the excessive secretion of the hormone cortisol. The tendency or the job of this hormone is to produce glucose, so it is not difficult for anyone to understand that the sugar circulating throughout the body with the blood reaches the brain.

Indulging in straining to produce more glucose is almost when stress involves producing high and the body wants more food to present excess glucose. Either way, anxiety or stress increases secretion, unknowingly the craving for food is unlimited.

eating more food

Hormones work as an alarm

The human body has quite systematic but whenever there is something wrong or any kind of incorrect functions, it shows special signs. Eating too much or eating more food than usual is also a sign of stress. Hereby, whenever there is an unusual schedule, suddenly assume the urge to eat, all kinds of crispy snacks in the middle of the night. A common gesture of being obsessed with certain issues, it becomes necessary to check the mind to control the mental and physical health of the body.

Ways to check for overeating

So overall, the main intention of discussing overeating or eating more food suddenly is to stop the forced secretion of stress hormones. Here are some of the ways to reduce, or save, if you eat more food.

eating more food

Are you really hungry?

Whenever stress makes it necessary to eat more food, it is necessary for a person to take note and maintain the times or sessions of food taken. Outside of lunch, dinner, and breakfast, it’s obvious that evening snacks are common. But, after these food sessions, whenever there is an additional need for food, it must be controlled. Know hunger, if you are hungry or just the mind forces you to eat little by little, more and more!

Think less, stay engaged

The main reason for stress is problems and excessive thinking about the type of “how to” or “what to do” questions inside the mind. In order to keep the mind free from stress, it is important to stay engaged in various types of activities.

Meditation, shopping, leisure outside of regular activities will add spice to life.

eating more food

Boredom fascinates eating

Excitement kills boredom, so avoid staying inactive. Encourage happy family, friends, to develop a mindset to create good times, and eliminate boredom. Like when you have nothing to do, the only thing that entertains is a bucket full of popcorn.

Eating more food is never bad when it has nothing to do with stress, but if it is, it becomes essential to check it out. In order to have better health!

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