The Weeknd accuses Grammy Awards of corruption after being snubbed in nominations

The Weeknd accuses Grammy Awards of corruption after being snubbed in nominations

The Weeknd is angry. The singer, who released After Hours, one of the most critically-acclaimed but most importantly, most popular albums of the year, has received absolutely no Grammy nominations this year. A surprise to just about everyone, especially as this album has remained at the top of the charts for four consecutive weeks, a record since Drake’s Scorpion two years ago. So much so that the artist took the liberty of taking the institution to task on Twitter.

“The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry complete transparency, ”he posted.

Is The Weeknd a sore loser, or is there a problem with the way the academy votes for nominations at the American Music High Mass? Asked by Variety about The Weeknd’s absence from the nominee list, Recording Academy president Harvey Mason Jr. seemed a little embarrassed. “You know, it’s just the voters who decide,” he just replied.

Costly dispute
Among the rumors circulating, TMZ claims that the singer has been blackmailed by the Recording Academy: choosing between playing during the ceremony or accepting the NFL’s offer to perform during the half-time of the Super Bowl. According to several anonymous sources, the negotiations between the singer and Grammys officials would have annoyed them so much that they would have done everything to ensure that he was not named.

The nomination process being rather nebulous, it is difficult to give credit to these claims without concrete proof, but the result is there. While his previous album, Starboy, had allowed him to win the Grammy for best album of contemporary urban music, in 2018, The Weeknd will have to be “content” with the Super Bowl this year and his triumph at the American Music Awards. Not so bad…

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